Leave.EU supremo Arron Banks releases STATEMENT about Farage’s SECOND REFERENDUM comments


The Leave.EU co-founder and one of the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ Arron Banks has released a statement through their main Facebook page about comments made by Nigel Farage stating that perhaps there should be a second EU referendum that will put the issue to bed once and for all.

Thankfully, it is comforting to see that one of the most influential figures in pushing the Leave vote over the winning line actually concurs with what Nigel is saying.

To be fair, they may well have discussed it between them before it became public knowledge.

Here is the statement in full from their Facebook channel:

“Nigel’s decision to call for a second referendum comes after eighteen months of backsliding by a weak, incompetent Prime Minister egged on by her Remain entourage.

“The historic decision taken by the British people on 23 June 2016 was seismic. It was our opportunity to revolutionise our nation and take back control from elites who were leading us down the wrong path.

“Unfortunately, thanks to David Cameron’s cowardly resignation, the nation was plunged into political chaos and Theresa May has spectacularly failed to take the reins and deliver what the people voted for.

“The vast majority of the country understands that the Brexit vote meant taking back control of our laws, money, trade and borders.

“The only viable way to do this is to leave the Single Market and the Customs Union.

“The honeymoon period is over; the Tory party want to leave in name only and not only has Theresa May betrayed the nation by agreeing a sizeable divorce bill but her transition deal up until the next General Election will see open borders remain in place for years to come.

“The government have dragged their heels because they haven’t had the integrity to implement the will of the people.

“Just because we are continuously told we are leaving does not mean we are doing so!

“If we do not act radically now, we will sleepwalk into a faux Brexit, in name only. True Brexiteers have been backed into a corner and the only option now is to go back to the polls and let the people shout from the rooftops their support of a true Brexit.

“Let the people denounce plans for greater European integration, the European Army and porous borders which facilitates the free movement of jihadis.

“Leave would win by a landslide. The Tories don’t want to do what the electorate have instructed. Perhaps we need to shout louder.”

First of all, the Leave.EU page has more than 800,000 followers for one simple reason – it is operated by individuals who are able to expertly read the general mood of the British people.

This doesn’t mean that Facebook won’t come along and cock it all up at some point with some ‘Community Standards’ bull, but anyway …

For a page of this magnitude to come out and say that Nigel is right on this issue, it is also a massive statement of intent that the organisation is locked and loaded to grab another referendum campaign by the short and curlies and get the job done.

After all, this could have all been avoided if our own government wasn’t so weak-willed when it comes to standing up to the EU’s team of negotiators.

It might have also helped if David Cameron had decided to stick around and deal with some of ‘the hard sh*t’ as well.

He was the one who kicked this all off, remember?