Lib Dem BREXIT REBELLION hits major snag after two MPs REFUSE


If the Liberal Democrats wanted to become less of a laughing stock with their NINE MPs in the House of Commons, they could have all come together in a show of unity and vowed to all vote against the Article 50 Bill.

Unfortunately for Tim Farron’s Lib Dem crew, two of their MPs have decided that they don’t want to play along!

The Liberal Democrat party’s requested amendment reads as follows:

That this House declines to give the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill a Second Reading because it does not provide a mechanism for the people of the United Kingdom to have a vote, prior to the UK’s departure from the European Union, on the terms of the new relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, because the Government has failed to provide an accompanying white paper detailing a plan or set of principles upon which the United Kingdom Government will seek to negotiate with the European Union, and because the Government has deliberately not tabled a money resolution in respect of this Bill, thereby hampering the elected representatives of the people from amending the Bill to include issues at the heart of public concerns with Brexit.

In simple terms, they want the British public to have a vote on the terms of the final Brexit deal, but the Lib Dem MPs Norman Lamb and Greg Mulholland haven’t added their names to the amendment.

Although the amendment will be put to a vote regardless, it hardly creates the best impression when almost a quarter of the party’s meagre presence haven’t backed it!

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