LISTEN: Chancellor Hammond plots immigration controls delay until SIX YEARS AFTER BREXIT VOTE


The Chancellor Of The Exchequer Philip Hammond has been speaking about his plans to not only delay immigration controls until SIX YEARS after Brexit in 2022, but also to use the same timescale for introducing trade deals with other nations.

This isn’t some sort of ‘transition period,’ this is a clear and blatant attempt to sabotage Brexit and derail the whole process like some sort of Remoaner In Chief under the false impression that he is sneaking in under the radar.

There’s just one problem though – everyone can see exactly what he is doing!

Have a listen to Hammond discussing these sneaky efforts courtesy of the guys over at Leave.EU.

No matter what people may tell you (other Remoaners mainly), the United Kingdom doesn’t need some sort of prolonged ‘goodbye’ to the European Union.

All they mention is some sort of ‘cliff edge’ or similar phrase designed to generate fear, but let’s remember that Project Fear didn’t work in the past – it won’t bloody work now!

A more immediate ‘au revoir’ would have some sort of impact, but without trying to be too simplistic it would be similar to ripping off a plaster.

In other words, once it’s done it is very much done.

The longer that we leave it, the more likely it is that weasel-like haters of Brexit in power will find ways to soften and dilute the Brexit that we voted for – a HARD BREXIT.

If Theresa May has any sense, she will boot this hater of the will of the people out of his role as soon as possible.

If Mrs May doesn’t at the very least issue Hammond with a stern warning about his approach to Brexit, there could be some very turbulent times ahead indeed.