Mosque calls police after commentator Lauren Southern interviews people in the street


The Imam of a London mosque ‘called the police’ after the Canadian right-wing commentator Lauren Southern was spotted interviewing members of the public in the street about multiculturalism and what it means to be British.

According to the content of this video, there was no harassment, there was no hatred – people only took part in the interviews if they were willing to.

However, it appears that the leader of one mosque in particular took exception to this, and all of a sudden Lauren found herself confronted with police officers who then remained in their vehicle and observed her until she finished filming.

If you listen to exactly what is being said, Lauren gets a number of different points of view, and the only people who seem to have a problem with what she is doing are those who ‘take offence’ to her point that apathy and tolerance are signs of a dying society.

She asks people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, like any good interviewer should.

We are struggling to see where any laws have been broken here, and the longer that this video goes on the more ridiculous it all looks.

The best part of the video comes at the end when a Muslim gentleman stands in front of the two officers and says that he doesn’t feel harassed in any way.

Why should he? He was willing to speak to her, and she was filming in a public place – her walkabout in Whitechapel all seemed fine until she reached the area outside the mosque.

Remember the phrase ‘It’s a free country?’ That’s because it is.

Tommy Robinson just SLAMMED the BBC for ‘blatant racism’

We reported a few days ago that an agency was advertising a trainee vacancy for the BBC that was only open to ‘non-white’ people, and this story has received a lot of social media attention.

The activist Tommy Robinson has now stepped into the debate with a simple but very effective Facebook post, and he said:

Blatant racism but because it’s against whites no one cares

As far as we are concerned, he is making a valid point here.

We are struggling to understand how on earth it can be acceptable or even legal for this sort of recruitment activity to take place in 2017 Britain.

While we appreciate that the BBC may feel the need to address an imbalance when it comes to the representation of BAME talent in the corporation, there is definitely a case for the term ‘discrimination’ to be applied to this job advert.

Imagine a ‘no black people’ statement and you will see where we are coming from, and a lot of people agree that this vacancy is being advertised in an outrageous manner.

This might sound like a knee-jerk response, but surely there is a possibility that someone could pursue the legal option regardless of the advert’s content.

Exactly Luke. How the ruddy hell is it legal?

Although many on the liberal left would beg to differ, there are many people who do feel like this is the case. The argument of ‘settling the score for past attitudes in society’ simply doesn’t wash anymore.

Good point Trevor. If you can do the job, you can do the job.

This comment did raise a chuckle in the office, seeing as there is such a debate at the moment about people being able to ‘identify’ in schools and places of employment.

If a white person decides that they wish to identify themselves as black, who the hell is going to be able to stop them without a major lawsuit on their hands? This concept seems t be acceptable for gender after all.