‘Luvvie’ Paloma Faith DESTROYED on Facebook after she releases anti-Brexit song


It seems that Paloma Faith is the latest in a long line of ‘showbiz luvvies’ to come along and do something all artistic to try and insult the millions of British people who voted to leave the European Union.

In her latest attempt, she even branded Leave voters as ‘criminals’ and said that all of us are ‘guilty as hell.’

Well guess what sweetheart? YOU are guilty as well!

You have been caught ‘bang to rights’ at being a pathetic Remoaner crybaby who is using her popular platform to try and change something that simply cannot be changed.

The good guys over at Leave.EU have confronted this musical travesty with one of their famous infographics, and yet again it is something very special.

It has already had more than 17,000 likes on Facebook, and some of the comments are outstanding.

Here are the best of the bunch (the ones that we can print anyway) …

It remains to be seen just how many fans she will lose because of this petulant outburst. Then again, it’s clear that she will gain three Remoaner sheep for every Leave-voting fan lost.

It’s amazing how the Remain camp are promoting this lie that so many Leave voters regret their decision in June 2016. Here’s a newsflash – we don’t.

This is a good point. Every futile outburst like this just makes the Remain cause look more and more ridiculous. As far as we are concerned, the luvvies can carry on digging themselves into this deep hole.

Judith is saying that Project Fear actually pushed many, many people towards voting Leave, and yet the fear mongering and condescension continues.

Lily Allen has already become a figure of ridicule for many because of her recent foray into politics, and it is clear that Paloma is going in the same direction.

REMOANER Sir Mick Jagger writes two songs to moan about Brexit

The Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger has admitted that the anger he has experienced over the EU referendum vote has motivated him to write two songs about how much he hates the idea of Brexit.

According to this ‘national treasure,’ ‘Gotta Get A Grip’ and ‘England Lost’ were inspired by his feelings about this issue.

Perhaps it is time for Sir Mick to ‘get a grip’ himself and realise that Brexit is happening and also that it is something for the United Kingdom to embrace.

To be fair, just the ‘England Lost’ by itself is a disgraceful attack on Brexit and the 51.9% who voted for it.

The United Kingdom is heading into Brexit as a slightly bruised but ultimately strong union, no matter what Sturgeon, Jagger or anyone else will tell you.

Perhaps one reaction on Twitter to the music releases says it all with: “Please, stay away from rapping. You desperately try to stay young and it all makes you sound utterly ridiculous.”

If we are being honest, the real element of ‘ridiculous’ here is that he is writing songs to try and change the opinion of people who as a collective electorate have made a democratic decision to leave the European Union.

This all smacks of the same music industry stupidity that saw Sir Bob Geldof commandeer a fishing vessel to stick two fingers up to Nigel Farage on The Thames.

Will Brexit genuinely affect any of these mega earners anyway?

Whatever the future may hold for the United Kingdom, these ageing relics will carry on raking in millions in royalties and what have you, while simultaneously being all sanctimonious about political topics.

It reeks of desperation, so if you dare check out the tunes below.