The presidential race in France is heating up, and now hopeful Emmanuel Macron has threatened to set the Calais migrants loose on Britain.

Many see Macron as the establishment candidate with no real change incoming.

Le Pen, on the other hand, is France’s equivalent of Donald Trump.

She is a nationalist, believes in sovereignty and democracy, and also that France should not be under EU control.

Macron today said that the ‘Le Touquet Treaty,’ under which Britain operates border controls in the migrant hotspot Calais, should be ‘back on the table.’

Threatening to open the border for the Calais migrants would lead to the UK’s biggest-ever illegal immigration problem.

In an interview with TF1, Macron said: “The deal must be renegotiated, especially the parts that deal with the fate of isolated child migrants.”

“There is no easy solution to the migrant crisis. If there was one, it would have been found.”

“If there was a simple answer it would have been found.”

“I want to put the Touquet treaty back on the table and to renegotiate the agreement.”

A Downing Street spokesman said, “We have always been very clear that protecting and enhancing the shared border between the UK and France at Calais is in both the UK and France’s best interests.”

A conservative spokesman said, “This just shows that we need the strong and stable leadership of Theresa May, and why voters need to give her the best possible hand to negotiate in Europe.”

Opening the borders to thousands of illegal immigrants will wreak havoc on our level of national security, increase crime and lead to a drop in wages.

Here’s hoping that Le Pen wins on Sunday!