Man ARRESTED in Newcastle over ‘Stop Muslim Grooming Gang’ protest

@Jameslamb1993 (Twitter)

A member of the public has posted on Twitter to say that they were arrested on Thursday 10th August in Newcastle City Centre for what appears to be a ‘Stop Muslim Grooming Gang’ protest.

James Lamb (@Jameslamb1993) tweeted saying: Got arrested in Newcastle city centre today for standing with shirt off With these messages. white children matter. #AltRight. It must stop

He also published two photos showing what was allegedly arrested for.

@Jameslamb1993 (Twitter)
@Jameslamb1993 (Twitter)
@Jameslamb1993 (Twitter)

The link to the original tweet is here.

In a further tweet, James explained that it is now for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to decide whether or not the case is taken further.

Naturally we are only reporting this exactly as it has been posted online.

Taking the tweet at face value, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what laws have been broken here.

However, it will undoubtedly raise questions about how impromptu protests are handled by the police and where a line can be drawn between ‘criminal’ and ‘peaceful.’

The police in Britain are well known for restraint when dealing with all forms of protests, in comparison to their counterparts in the USA, so it will be interesting to follow this case in the media if there are further developments.

If anyone else witnessed this protest, please email – contributors to Your Brexit should never put themselves or other people in any danger, nor should they ever act in a way that could impede any sort of criminal investigation or indeed leave themselves liable to prosecution.