Man ORDERED to pay THOUSANDS in damages for eating Bacon in front of MUSLIM women


A man in Stockholm has been charged for eating bacon in front of Muslim women.

The women reporting him to the authorities as it made them feel uncomfortable.

The man was prosecuted partly for unruly, partly on behalf of the public. However, for the later crime, which involved a separate event from 2016, he was released because the evidence was missing.

But he is judged to be unreasonable. The 53-year-old man will pay SEK 5,000 in damages to the respective woman, as well as SEK 9,000 in daily fines.

Gateway Pundit reported:

“The report states that the Muslim women were uncomfortable with the situation and attempted to move somewhere else, that dastardly bacon-eating friend followed the women with his pork product. The man also apparently said some not-so-nice things about the women’s religion.

Rude? Sure. Criminal? Absurd.”

The man insisted that he was just eating his bacon and meant no harm to the women.

It’s a crazy world we live in that you can be fined for eating bacon in front of the wrong people.

The world has gone mad.



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