Manchester bombing survivors devastated as loophole stops them attending Ariana Grande gig


A mother who survived the Manchester bombings along with her two children is furious and upset that they are unable to go to the ‘One Love’ event even though they were at the original concert due to a legal loophole

Manchester bombing survivors were promised free tickets to a memorial gig in memory of those who died at Ariana Grande’s pop concert.

A host of stars at Lancashire Cricket Club’s Old Trafford ground for a charity gig on Sunday evening.

Laura Smith and her two daughters Lehanna, 10, and Aaliyah, eight, were all caught up in the horrific bombing that took place that dreadful Monday evening.

Laura was furious to find out that her and her two daughters were unable to get free tickets as she bought the original tickets from a secondary resale website called ‘Get Me In’ and do not have the reference number.

Ms Smith purchased the original tickets for upwards of £500 on the day of the concert as they were so desperate to go.

Ticketmaster runs the website ‘Get Me In’ and has said: “We are doing everything possible to extend the offer to all fans we can verify were at the show.”

Laura and her daughters are all grateful to be alive and well, however, I do think it is unfair that Ticketmaster is unable to provide three free tickets to Laura and her family. They have all been through an awful lot and it’s the least Ticketmaster could do.

Anyone who was at the concert was eligible for free tickets until 4pm today. Meanwhile, members of the public can buy tickets from 10am tomorrow.

Ticketmaster is currently attempting to resolve the issue.