May delivers fiery SNP slap down over Tory-DUP deal


Mrs May launched a devastating attack on the SNP for their comments over the governments DUP deal

The SNP’s Westminster leader said: “The Scottish Secretary insisted Scotland would see increased funding if the DUP secured funding for Northern Ireland as part of a confidence and supply deal.

“As I quote, ‘I won’t agree to anything that could be constructed as backdoor funding to Northern Ireland.’

“Did the Prime Minister receive any representation from her Scottish Secretary about the DUP deal, either before or after it was signed?”

The Prime Minister said: “Can I say to the Honourable Gentleman that, of course, when we look at what has happened in terms of funding for the rest of the United Kingdom – in the Autumn Statement last year, my Right Honourable Friend, the Chancellor, set aside an infrastructure fund of £23billion, we’re putting more money into our NHS, more money into our schools, and, of course, there is an impact of Scotland as a result of that Autumn Statement.

“There is £800million extra spending going to Scotland – as a result of the Budget, there is £350million going to Scotland.

“I don’t remember when that money was announced for Scotland, the Honourable Gentleman complaining about more money should be going to Northern Ireland.

“But then, of course, he’s a nationalist and not a unionist!”

The Labour amendments to the Queens Speech failed to pass today with the government getting a 14 vote majority.

It was about time Jeremy Corbyn had that smug look wiped off his face!

MPs will vote on the Queens Speech tomorrow.

We’ll bring the latest news as it happens.