Metal detectors to be introduce in Ahamadi Mosques in Britain after death threats from ISLAMISTS


Ahmadiyya Muslims are a small minority of Muslims within their own religion, however, measures to install airport security like metal detectors have been implemented after receiving threats from other Muslims.

Farooq Aftab, a spokesman for AMC said that they are “are often persecuted in Pakistan” and that “it should not be tolerated in Britain”.

“People who don’t think we are Muslims are entitled to their own point of view, but the line must be drawn because violence cannot be justified. We can disagree, but we have a right to freedom of religion.”

“Our community is under attack by extremists but our commitment to peace and love is unshakeable. We appreciate the work of the authorities and they must continue to work diligently for the protection and safety of all citizens.”

The metal detectors will act as a peace of mind for worshippers inside the Mosque and act as a deterrent to anyone who tries to attack the Ahmadiyya Muslims.

Metropolitan police have been investigating the threats which are believed to have come from other Muslims groups.

Do you think metal detectors should be installed in all mosques? Personally, CCTV would not be a bad idea.

Mosque calls police after commentator Lauren Southern interviews people in the street.

The Imam of a London mosque ‘called the police’ after the Canadian right-wing commentator Lauren Southern was spotted interviewing members of the public in the street about multiculturalism and what it means to be British.

According to the content of this video, there was no harassment, there was no hatred – people only took part in the interviews if they were willing to.

However, it appears that the leader of one mosque in particular took exception to this, and all of a sudden Lauren found herself confronted with police officers who then remained in their vehicle and observed her until she finished filming.

If you listen to exactly what is being said, Lauren gets a number of different points of view, and the only people who seem to have a problem with what she is doing are those who ‘take offence’ to her point that apathy and tolerance are signs of a dying society.

She asks people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, like any good interviewer should.

We are struggling to see where any laws have been broken here, and the longer that this video goes on the more ridiculous it all looks.

The best part of the video comes at the end when a Muslim gentleman stands in front of the two officers and says that he doesn’t feel harassed in any way.

Why should he? He was willing to speak to her, and she was filming in a public place – her walkabout in Whitechapel all seemed fine until she reached the area outside the mosque.

Remember the phrase ‘It’s a free country?’ That’s because it is.