‘Mr EU’ Guy Verhofstadt admits EU is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE


Yes you just read that correctly. The ‘people’s EU champion’ Guy Verhofstadt has admitted in an interview that the EU itself is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. 

During the frosty exchange with the BBC’s Evan Davies on Newsnight on Monday, he also made it clear that it is a project that needs to be fixed b the countries inside the union. 

The man responsible for negotiating the terms of Brexit on behalf of the EU said: ‘You know and I know that an international organisation based on the unanimity rule where 28 heads of state and government have to agree acts always too little too late.’

‘And that is the problem today. It’s not fit for purpose, it’s not effective, always too little too late. And therefore we need to reform it.’

You don’t say! Tell us something we don’t know. 

Although he felt the need to bring this up on Newsnight, the good news is that 51.9% of Britain’s Leave voters worked this out last June without Mr Verhofstadt’s expert analysis. 

Do you think that this was ‘too little, too late’ from one of the EU’s top characters? Let us know on info@yourbrexit.co.uk. 


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