Muslims celebrating the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday attacked by Greek ‘football hooligans’


It has emerged that a group of Pakistani Muslims celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed were attacked in Greece on Sunday by ‘local football hooligans’ who were on their way to watch a match.

In video that was shot by RT’s social media channel Ruptly, it is clear that the violence was so severe that riot police were forced to intervene.

According to the report on RT:

Riot police in Athens had to intervene in clashes between Greek soccer club fans heading for a game and the Pakistani community celebrating a religious holiday marking the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday.

Tear gas and stun grenades have been deployed.

Brief but ferocious clashes happened in the center of the Greek capital on Sunday, AP reported.

While there have been no serious injuries or arrests, law enforcement had to use tough anti-riot methods to stop the violence.

A video from the scene shows utter mayhem in the street as hooligans trampled on Islamic flags, while Pakistanis try to defend themselves, with some fighting back.

Members of the local Pakistani community were celebrating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed with a procession in one of the squares in downtown Athens.

At the same time, supporters of the Thessaloniki PAOK soccer club were in the area, heading for a league game.

Image CR: Ruptly

The French authorities have just banned Muslims from praying in a Paris suburb

It has been reported that the authorities in the Paris suburb of Clichy-la-Garenne have effectively banned Muslims from praying in local mosques and on the streets after a number of violent clashes between worshippers in demonstrators in recent weeks.

According to the local media, a mosque was turned into a library back in March, and as a result there were a number of protests that have now led to the municipal government taking this action.

To show their dissatisfaction at the closure, many people have been worshipping in the streets instead, and this has resulted in growing tensions between the Muslim community and other local residents.

On a national level, there have been accusations that the French government is not providing enough land for new mosques to be built that can address the ‘shortage of prayer space’ that has been described.;

“They will not have prayers on the street, we will prevent street praying,” Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told Questions Politics.

However he has acknowledged that there is a problem, and he also said that it would be dealt with in the near future. He added: “Muslims must have a place to pray”.

In November, the right-wing mayor Remi Muzeau led a demonstration of approximately 100 people who protested against these street prayers.

Witnesses to this protest said that many people were also holding crucifixes in the air while those praying were shouting ‘Allah Akbar.’

After riot police intervened to break up the two groups, prayers were allowed to continue.