Nawaz rages at McDonnell for calling for ‘direct action’ against Tory MPs after masked leftie thugs targeted Jacob Rees-Mogg


LBC host slammed Labour’s John McDonnell for his comments against the Tories.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nawaz had stern words for Mr McDonnell. He said: “John McDonnell wants to see a situation in the country where no Tory MP can travel anywhere in the country without direct action and without being directly challenged.

“Well, congratulations Mr McDonnell you’ve got the situation in the country that you so desired.

“We’ve ended up in a scenario where people can no longer speak their minds from fear of violence and that cannot be good for our democracy, it cannot be good for the diversity of opinions that allows us to question dogma and to challenge orthodoxy.”

He added: “What John McDonnell said just there what you heard on the audio is so dangerous because by stifling debate, by intimidating people and silencing opposition you are not striking a blow at the Conservatives.”

Footage recently resurfaced of John McDonnell speaking to a rally in 2012: “I want to be in a situation where no Tory MP can travel anywhere in the country or show their face anywhere in public without being challenged by direct action.”

Here’s why Corbyn and McDonnell ARE TO BLAME for Rees-Mogg being attacked by protestors

By now, you must have seen the angry scenes on Friday night when a group of masked ‘antifa’ protestors burst into a room at the University of West England where the Brexit champion and Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg was due to speak to students.

Apparently free speech is only allowed when you are on the ‘righteous’ side of politics, but that’s a debate for another day!

Within moments of the shocking footage going viral on social media, the left-wing apologists were out in force saying that this was ‘nothing to do with Labour,’ but a little digging will show that Labour’s top brass are hardly blameless in all of this.

Here is a video of Labour’s deputy leader John McDonnell encouraging EXACTLY the sort of shocking scenes that unfolded last night – this was shared extensive after the angry confrontation took place:

In this speech, he said:

I want to be in a situation where no Tory can show their face anywhere without being challenged by direct action.

There is a very famous saying that applies here: Be careful what you wish for.

Inciting violence is never a particularly smart move, and McDonnell should be thanking the God’s of every single religion today that last night’s protest didn’t turn violent.

Rees-Mogg basically walked up to them and used ‘words and reason’ instead of screaming repeatedly like a group of trained chimpanzees, but if things would have gone the other way the Shadow Chancellor could have found himself in a whole world of sh*t this morning.

People bleat for days on end about right-wing supporters being ‘influenced’ by this, that and the other, but the same people need to bear in mind that there are very dangerous influences on both sides of the argument!

Perhaps Red John should consider his words more carefully in future!

So where does Jezza fit into all of this? Simple – he is prepared to have people like McDonnell in his upper echelons, so he is condoning this sort of ridiculous incitement.