NICK CLEGG will BLOCK BREXIT so his kids don’t grow up in ‘angry Britain’


Nick Clegg has admitted that he will continue to oppose Brexit and the activation of Article 50 as much as possible so that his children don’t grow up in ‘Angry Brexit Britain.’

In an interview he said that he feared an ‘angry, divided and introverted ‘hard’ Brexit Britain.’

What about all of the slightly older adults who are angry about Nick Clegg’s now legendary promise to scrap tuition fees? Plenty of anger there without the need to even think about Brexit!

If he thinks that a Brexit Britain would be ‘angry,’ surely a Britain where politicians are going against the will of the people would be even angrier.

‘Remoaner’ isn’t always the best term to use as it makes it look like we are stooping to their level, but this sort of attitude makes it hard to resist.

Get in touch on if you feel that Nick Clegg and the new leader of the Lib Dems Tim Farron are out of order in their opposition. 


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