New report shows that Brexit vote has had NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on Britain’s prosperity


In news that every single Remoaner will be dreading, a new report has revealed that the overall prosperity of British businesses hasn’t changed at all since the vote in 2016 for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

What this means in simple terms is that every single Remoaner who has said that Britain would be ‘going to hell in a handcart’ since that day was basically stirring fear over nothing.

As in ‘Project Fear.’ Worked out well didn’t it chaps?

The report has even showed that Britain is the top European destination for business prosperity, meaning that it is beating other EU nations:

According to a report in The Express:

The Legatum Prosperity Index, which measures the economic and social wellbeing of countries around the world, has found the UK has retained its place since last year’s vote as the tenth most prosperous country in the world and the top European location for businesses.

The report disproves the claims of Remoaners such as Lib Dem leader Vince Cable that businesses are moving abroad because of the vote to leave the UK.

Legatum Institute’s CEO, Baroness Philippa Stroud, has said her organisation’s report highlights the “solid foundations” that the UK is built on.

She said: “It is encouraging to see the UK’s ranking unchanged since the momentous referendum last year.

“This year’s Index demonstrates that Britain has built the best Business Environment in Europe, and the fifth best in the world.

“Combined with world-class Governance, it suggests that the UK’s prosperity has been built on solid foundations, as it prepares for a future outside of the EU.”

WATCH: Nigel Farage SLAMS the BBC by reporting that pre-Brexit Britain is BOOMING

Nigel Farage has used his LBC Radio show to report positive Brexit news that the public simply won’t hear elsewhere – especially on the fear-mongering BBC and in other sections of the mainstream media.

According to Farage, he is now making good on his promise to bring financial news to the British people that will back up the idea that Brexit Britain will be a strong and independent economic player.

He starts by saying that the United Kingdom has recently been ranked as the eighth most competitive economy in the world, ahead of nations such as Japan.

This is the UK’s highest ranking in the last ten years.

In terms of manufacturing, he also announced that Britain is now the eighth biggest manufacturing economy in the world, with only Germany and Italy ranking higher in terms of European nations.

The value of our manufactured goods is currently £185 BILLION per year – another excellent springboard for our nation post-Brexit.

Another interesting point was that ‘engine exports’ on a global scale from the UK grew at twice the rate of the same exports to the European Union.

Is that a sign that Britain will be able to stand on its own two feet even if the EU decides to play the hardest of ‘hardball’ with trade?

Farage then saved his best piece of news for last, by attacking the Office of National Statistics in the UK who have until now tried their very hardest to put the most negative spin on Brexit.

Even though they have said that business investment had ‘stagnated,’ Farage revealed that in the last quarter it had actually grown by 2.5%.


As he said, ‘you won’t hear a briefing like that on the BBC!’

In just a little over 1 minute and 30 seconds, Farage has managed to report the current economic situation in a way that the BBC seems so scared of.

Why can they not admit that there are positives against the background of stalled negotiations and so-called ‘doom and gloom?’