Newsnight guest blasts political correctness which would cause him to be ‘judged for flying patriotic England flag’


A publisher who appeared on Newsnight said he would be judged for flying an England flag.

Publisher Danny Lockwood said: “I would not have a problem with flying an England flag, I’m proud of my county, my country and the United Kingdom.

“I would do it just to be awkward, but I would know there would be people who would be passing judgement on me because I was showing a symbol of patriotism and I find that that really is horrific.”

Areeq Chowdhury said: “So we should address the issue which is that people have taken that flag and turned it into meaning something that to some people seems racist and that is the real issue.

“Whereas what we see in society is people then twisting that into meaning ‘these immigrants are coming here changing our cultural identity but that is not true at all’.”

Asked if the Saint George’s cross makes him uncomfortable Mr Chowdhury insisted that it “depends on who is waving it”.

He said: “It has not been made a racist symbol by politicians or immigrants it has been made racist by the likes of the EDL and the BNP.

“That is because those are racist organisations that use the flag as their brand and when it appears on TV, apart from at the World Cup, it’s at an EDL march or on the news.”

It’s perfectly fine for people from Walse, Scotland or Northen Ireland to fly their flag, but if you’re English you are considered’ racist’, unbelievable.

We should be proud of our flag!

Fly it with pride!

Damien Green savages Emily Thornberry for ‘finding it difficult’ to wave the St George’s flag

Damien Green hit out at Emily Thornberry over her past hatred for the St George’s flag.

Speaking at the House of Commons yesterday during Prime Ministers Questions, Ms Thornberry said: “Thank you very much Mr Speaker. Let me first join the Secretary of State in congratulating the RAF on its anniversary.

“And congratulating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement.

“That’s one anglo-American couple we on this side will be delighted to see holding hands.

“I’m sure that Prince Harry, the patron of rugby football league will be joining all of us in supporting the England team in the World Cup final on Saturday.

“And I for one, will be of course waving my St George’s flag.”

The Express reported that “Ms Thornberry resigned from the Labour shadow cabinet in 2014 after she posted a photo of a house with three St George’s flags hanging outside it. ”

Damien Green hit back at Mrs Thornberry: “She may find it difficult to wave her St George’s flag, but I will be doing so for the English rugby league team.”

“As a Welsh rugby fan, I may find it even more difficult than her,” he said. “But I will be doing so as well.”