Nicola Sturgeon MOCKED for claiming that majority of Brits now want SOFT BREXIT


The First Minister of Scotland and the Leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon has been mocked for believing that a majority of the British people are now in favour of a ‘Soft Brexit.’

As far as Sturgeon is concerned, many people in this country now want to remain a part of the Single Market, and this is simply laughable given that the government’s own pre-referendum information booklet made it clear that voting for Brexit meant a complete removal from this mechanism and indeed any other mechanism that makes up the European Union.

After saying that Britain’s potential continued membership of the Single Market should be ‘harnessed,’ it was reported in The Express:

Ms Sturgeon said: “This paper is intended to influence this debate right now. That is timely because the negotiations about the future relationship are about to start over the next few weeks.

“Now is the time to influence that debate. I do believe that there is a majority to be harnessed in favour of single market membership.

“Jeremy Corbyn may be doing his best of obfuscate on that issue and present he doesn’t understand this.

“But I think the pressure within the Labour Party may change that over the next period. If that happens, if Labour gets its act together, there are somewhat I would describe as softer-Brexit Tories who would I think favour single market membership.

“So we have made that case consistently as the best compromise option. Obviously, our preferred option is membership of the EU.

“The reason to put this hard evidence of why that is the best or least damaging option into the public domain now is to seek to harness that majority, which I believe does exist if these conditions are met in the House of Commons and we will continue to do exactly that.”

One reporter then quizzed the First Minister arguing so far “your detailed papers on Brexit have been either ignored or rejected”. The reporter then asked if this was a way to appeal directly to MPs.

It is comforting to read that reporters who heard these comments were quick to give Sturgeon a thorough roasting.