Nigel Farage ATTACKS London Mayor Sadiq Khan over acid attacks in ‘Sh*thole London’


The ex-leader of UKIP Nigel Farage has launched a scathing attack on the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan by sharing an article on his Facebook page that describes the Capital as a ‘sh*thole’ because Police are now being forced to deploy ‘warzone-like equipment’ in the ongoing fight against acid attacks.

He accompanied the link with the phrase ‘Welcome to Sadiq Khan’s London,’ and naturally he also tagged the Mayor official Facebook page to make sure that it grabbed his attention.

To be honest, the 3000 reactions would have created a bit of a stir as well.

The article itself says:

Police constables in Sadiq Khan’s London are receiving devices designed for war zones so they can treat acid attack victims on the streets.

The ‘bottleshower’ is a specialised bottle top attachment, created by designer Tim Jeffrey in 2015, which currently sees use on battlefields and in Middle Eastern refugee camps and will now see service on the streets of London, the Evening Standard reports.

It fastens to the top of the five-litre water bottles carried by police in case they are summoned to the scene of an acid attack, turning it into a kind of showerhead and slowing the flow of water so that it can pour for around four and a half minutes, where it would normally empty in seconds.

“When a person receives injuries from corrosive substances it is imperative that the injuries are treated as soon as possible by pouring water over the injuries,” explained a spokesman for the Met.

People in London have a right to feel angry about the state of the city, as not only are citizens still reeling from multiple terror attacks last year, but now they also have to be concerned about the rise in cowardly acid-related assaults.

The fact that so many of these incidents seem to be random with no motive as well has also given Khan a headache, but people are also angry about the fact that the Mayor could be seen to be doing a lot more to prevent them.