NIGEL FARAGE blasts EU Chief’s claim that Britain will REJOIN EU


You may have heard comments by EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker saying that Britain will rejoin the European Union again in the future after Brexit has been completed. Nigel Farage has predictably hit back, Nigel Farage-style!

Juncker said he hopes that Britain will ‘re-enter the boat,’ with ‘the boat’ being the EU, and Farage quickly seized upon the opportunity to hit back on Twitter with a short, sharp insults that gets straight to the point!

Once again, Nigel proves that he can do in seven words what other politicians fail to achieve in twenty pages of A4.

He’s quite right about the boat ‘sinking’ as well, as it has already been mentioned that a number of other EU member states are preparing their own special terms with the word ‘-exit’ attached.

There are murmurs of Grexit, Dexit, Nexit and Irexit to name just a few.

As far as we are concerned, the ship is already taking in water – that started on June 24th 2016 as soon as the EU referendum result was announced.

Perhaps we will even be treated to a group of violinists playing while Juncker and Tusk stand at the front Di Caprio and Winslet style.

A special mention to anyone who can photoshop that for us and send it!