Nigel Farage called to WHITE HOUSE for Trump Brexit meeting


When pictures emerged over the weekend of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage dining together in Washington, the usual media suspects were quick to start throwing ridiculous allegations that the ex-UKIP leader was a ‘gatecrasher’ or someone who just showed up uninvited. 

However, it has now emerged that not only was Nigel personally invited by President Trump, but this dinner followed a three-hour meeting at the White House to discuss the UK’s progress on Brexit.

Once again, when The Donald wanted the inside scoop on Brexit, there was only one person that he was going to turn to – it wasn’t the official UK ambassador to the USA Kim Darroch.

In a report in The Sun, a photographer also captured the moment when it appeared that Donald Trump ‘gestured’ that Mr Farage should join him for dinner.

To be honest it’s hardly surprising to learn that Farage didn’t gatecrash the meal. Nigel-haters have been lining up to say that he wasn’t invited and just tucked himself into a corner of the table like a drunk uncle leering over your sister’s best friend at a wedding – but this is obviously utter rubbish!

People seem to forget that this is the President of the United States who would have presumably been surrounded by countless Secret Service staff and other security personnel. If Trump didn’t want Farage to be there, Nigel’s bottom wouldn’t have even touched those plush seats for a nanosecond.

Some people have even asked why the photographer for THAT photo was ‘hiding in a large plant.’ Yep – the Secret Service wouldn’t have spotted that either, obviously.

You can also bet your bottom dollar that there would be countless photos of Nigel being led away in some sort of ‘massive humiliation.’ Think about it.

Let’s just boil this down to some basic facts. Nigel Farage WAS invited to dine with President Trump after a Brexit-related meeting at the White House, and left-wing fantasists are beside themselves with rage.

It is yet another admission that Farage was the most influential politician in the whole Brexit process, even though the UK government consistently refuses to give Farage any sort of official role in US-UK diplomatic relations.

In true Donald style, it appears that he couldn’t care less. If you are summoned to the White House, you don’t hang around to get the blessing of UK government officials who view you as some sort of ‘fly in the ointment.’

The sooner that Farage is given the official recognition that he deserves, the better. We almost want it to happen so that he can just tell them where to stick it …

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