Nigel Farage declares he will ‘pick up a rifle’ if the Government fails on Brexit


Mr Farage has declared that he will ‘pick up a rifle and head to the front lines’ if the GOvernment does not deliver Brexit.

Nigel fought against the establishment for decades before finally convincing 17.2 million people to vote to leave the EU in 2016.

He was victorious.

He said: “If that happens, much as I’m enjoying myself… I enjoy my trips to the [United] States with [Donald] Trump and the White House and everything else. I’m enjoying my life.

“But if they don’t deliver this Brexit that I spent 25 years of my life working for, then I will be forced to don khaki, pick up a rifle and head for the front lines.”

I for one will be on the front line right next to you, Nigel.

Jason Hunt who filmed the clip said: “That’s as close to threatening anarchy and incitement to riot that I think I’ve ever heard from a so-called politician.”

A spokesman for Mr Farage has insisted the words were taken “out of context”.

Mr Farage recently hit out at Theresa May, saying: “The cat is out of the bag. She wants a big majority so she can soften the position in Brussels and we basically finish up being half in, half out.”

Nigel Farage slams Nick Clegg with spectacular 60-second video

While presenting his LBC show, Nigel Farage has slammed Nick Clegg for saying that an EU army, navy and airforce is a ‘dangerous fantasy’.

Mr Farage said: A functioning European defence union. Are you listening Nick Clegg? It means an EU army, navy and airforce. They are already establishing their own command centre in Brussels. ”

“They’ve got, the funds the money, the structure set up for all of it.”

“Already they are divvying up which country will do the helicopter work.”

“Which country will be the major naval provider. All of that is happening right now.”

It’s very interesting isn’t? When you’re told by people that the leave camp lied in the referendum because of some numbers on the side of a bus which may be slightly inflated, compared that to the lies we’ve had for half a century from Nick Clegg and all the others.”

Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg famously debated back in 2014 on LBC regarding the issue of the European Union.

This can be seen below.

Twitter users were quick to show support for Mr Farage

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