Nigel Farage DEMANDS PM takes action to DEPORT Islamic hate preacher


Nigel Farage has slammed Theresa May for her inaction on hate preachers after it emerged that a Birmingham cleric is using human rights laws and legal aid to fight extradition to Spain

Tarik Chadlioui, is described as the ‘spiritual leader of a jihadist network’ which inspired the Bataclan attack, was arrested yesterday at the request of the Spanish authorities.

The hate preacher was allowed into Britain two years ago under EU freedom of movement laws, as he is the holder of a Belgian passport.

This in itself shows why free movement of people is a bad idea, anyone can come into the country and we have no power whatsoever to stop them!

Mr Chadlioui does not speak English, but appealed against his extradition under the ‘right to a private life’ article of the Human Rights Act.

Farage tweeted: “We are seeing this too often. What are you going to do about it Theresa May?”

What we find even more worrying is that he has been allowed to live in the UK for more than two years, especially considering the heightened security concerns of the last couple of months.

The whole concept of the Human Rights Act has come under considerable scrutiny in the United Kingdom, with a debate raging about how the authorities can strike the right balance between creating a civilised society and having the power to deport and extradite people who want to do us harm.

To be honest, we agree with those who are calling for a certain ‘relaxation’ of the Human Rights Act in order to tackle terrorism, and our argument is a simple one that a number of liberals and left-wingers cannot get their heads around.

In the event of a terror attack, we cannot let human rights get in the way of justice being served, and we certainly can’t increase the risk of future attacks because of a ‘softly, softly’ attitude to following-up intelligence – no matter how seemingly insignificant.

If this makes us racist, fascist, or any other kind of -ist that the usual suspects will conjure up, then so be it.

Now is the time Great Britain should stand strong, find its backbone and deport everyone who tries to do us harm!