Nigel Farage DEMANDS the government calls the EUs bluff with this brilliant idea


Brexit boss, Nigel Farage has demanded that the government ensures the EU itemises everything in their Brexit bill for the public to see.

Speaking to a caller on his LBC show, Mr Farage said: “If the British Government is to make a financial offer of any kind at all, I think it is about time we stop this ludicrous game of shadow-boxing, where, in the sort of quiet corners of Brussels, we are upping the offer and they are saying it’s not big enough.

“I reckon what we ought to do is to itemise. Why don’t we call their bluff. Let’s itemise what we think we owe them and what we think they owe us.

“And get it out there Glen, into the open, in a proper honest debate.

“But we shouldn’t, Glen, pay them a penny unless we are guaranteed something in return.”

He said: “The Cabinet could decide. They could say ‘let’s pursue a different strategy. This one isn’t working. Let’s publish what we think they owe us and what we believe we owe them and let’s challenge Mr Barnier to come back on these figures’.

“And why not have this debate in public? Rather than it going on behind closed doors.”

I think Nigel is spot on here, once again!

Let’s see what we are paying for with this so-called ‘Brexit Bill’.

We have no legal obligation to pay a penny.

Nigel Farage slams Nick Clegg with spectacular 60 second video

While presenting his LBC show, Nigel Farage has slammed Nick Clegg for saying that an EU army, navy and airforce is a ‘dangerous fantasy’.

Mr Farage said: A functioning European defence union. Are you listening Nick Clegg? It means an EU army, navy and airforce. They are already establishing their own command centre in Brussels. ”

“They’ve got, the funds the money, the structure set up for all of it.”

“Already they are divvying up which country will do the helicopter work.”

“Which country will be the major naval provider. All of that is happening right now.”

It’s very interesting isn’t? When you’re told by people that the leave camp lied in the referendum because of some numbers on the side of a bus which may be slightly inflated, compared that to the lies we’ve had for half a century from Nick Clegg and all the others.”

Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg famously debated back in 2014 on LBC regarding the issue of the European Union.

This can be seen below.

Twitter users were quick to show support for Mr Farage

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