Nigel Farage launches FURIOUS ATTACK on Tony Blair


Nigel Farage has launched a FURIOUS ATTACK against Tony Blair after the ex-Prime Minister gave a passionate speech about Remain voters ‘rising up’ and trying to convince the people to change their mind about Brexit. 

Speaking at the 2017 UKIP conference in Bolton, Farage said: “Blair is yesterday’s man. He’s like the heavyweight world champion who needs to come back and make some money but gets knocked out first round.”

“At the end of the day Blair will be on the canvas!”

“I don’t know if 2017 is the year we see dramatic governmental changes in Europe or not.”

“But believe me – radical change is coming and it is coming in the course of the next few years.”

“People aren’t interested in arguments about the economy, growth…”
“People aren’t interested because they don’t believe what they’ve been told. After our wasn’t our economy meant to fall off a cliff are Brexit?

“People care about national identity, about their community. I would argue people in this country and across the West are beginning to see immigration as a bigger issue than it was even during the referendum. None of this is going away.”

He finished his speech with an optimistic prediction that party leader Paul Nuttall will win the upcoming Stoke by-election. 

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