Nigel Farage launches tirade towards EU boss over failure to respect democratic Brexit vote

Nigel Farage went on the attack today slamming Brussels for failing to accept a ‘no’ vote result.

Mr Farage said to the EU boss: “We had a referendum on this and we voted to leave the single market, that should be the end of the conversation.

I know you guys forced the Danish to vote again, you forced the Irish to vote again, there’s a great tradition in Brussels to never accept a no result but this time, you know what, we actually mean it!”

He said in his tweet.

“There is a great tradition in Brussels of never accepting a “no” result. Well, Britain voted to Leave and we mean it.”


Once again Farage is spot on.

We voted to leave the Single Market and Customs Union. Everyone seems to understand this apart from Brussels and remoaners. Typical!

Did you vote to leave the Single Market and Customs Union?

I did!

This image of Theresa May’s cabinet shows why government keeps giving in to Brussels’ demands

A graphic demonstrating one very disappointing fact about Theresa May’s cabinet has appeared on Facebook, and it shows exactly why a cabinet reshuffle is essential if the United Kingdom is to achieve the Hard Brexit that so many people voted for in June 2016.

The Leave.EU page published a photo of the current cabinet on Wednesday, and every cabinet member’s face was covered by a flag that represents how they campaigned during the run up to the original vote – Leaver or Remainer.

As you can see below, there is a huge ‘Remain’ bias that surrounds the Prime Minister Theresa May – even Mrs May herself is covered with the EU’s ring of stars!

We can only see eight Union Flags in this image, and they are overwhelmed by those who fought passionately to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union.

Although publicly Mrs May has said that Brexit is happening and that her highest-ranking government officials need to be working towards it, surely this huge Remain bias at the government’s top table is going to give Brussels’ negotiators the best possible chance of getting the Brexit deal that they want.

Deep down, cabinet Remainers must know that they have a huge opportunity to make Brexit as ‘soft’ as possible, and this is why the so-called Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) has become a terrifying prospect.

However, it is time to get real. If Theresa May was serious about delivering a proper Brexit based upon the principle that a majority of the turnout voted Leave in the first place, she would make an effort to create a more balanced cabinet.

Even if a 50:50 split wasn’t possible, there must be scope for redressing the balance a little – 8 Leavers out of 29 is an insult.

Putting Jacob Rees-Mogg in there would be a start!

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