Nigel Farage STANDS UP FOR THE NHS by blaming mass immigration for UK healthcare ‘crisis’


Once again, the ex-leader of UKIP Nigel Farage has showed that he has the best interests of the United Kingdom at heart by appearing on Fox News and stating that the current financial and practical pressures on our National Health Service are down to ‘mass immigration’ into the country.

On the day that Donald Trump also waded into the NHS debate on Twitter, Farage used the phrase ‘population crisis’ to describe the situation that the NHS currently finds itself in.

He said:

“[It is] a population crisis caused by government policy on immigration”.

“The National Health Service has turned into the International Health Service and we’re providing a lot of healthcare for people coming into Britain from all over the world,” he added.

“We do need some absolutely fundamental reforms. This system we have was set up in 1948. Surprisingly for a state-run thing for most of the first fifty years the public had great faith in it. Right now it’s pretty much at breaking point.”

The problem that Nigel will now face (although we get the impression that he isn’t too bothered) is that people will attack him for making these remarks for two reasons.

First of all, people will accuse him of stirring racial hatred as it has become almost ‘unthinkable’ in society’s mind that immigration can be linked to pressure on the NHS.

Is it racist or ‘hateful’ to believe that emergency costly treatments being handed out to anyone who arrives at an NHS facility on a ‘treat now, ask questions later’ basis are killing the NHS?

The second issue here is that people are always quick to blame government policy for NHS pressures above everything else, and while this is true to a certain extent the screaming over this factor does tend to overshadow other possible issues within our health service that need to be rectified.

The NHS is always going to be a political ‘football’ that is used to get various points across, but if people are unwilling to consider Nigel’s point of view here then it just shows how blinkered society has become.