Nigel Farage storms back into Brexit debate and SLAMS Theresa May for BETRAYING BRITAIN


The UKIP conference and the election of their new leader Henry Bolton has given ex-leader Nigel Farage the perfect opportunity to make another emphatic statement about Brexit and the fact that our current Prime Minister Theresa May has BETRAYED BRITAIN in the negotiations.

We have been saying time and time again recently that the new approach of a €20bn financial settlement offer and a lengthy transitional period are both prime example of a ‘Brexit Betrayal,’ and now this has been echoed by the man who undoubtedly led Britain to that monumental Brexit vote.

Writing in The Telegraph, Farage also said that the time has come for UKIP to make sure that Britain gets the HARD BREXIT that it voted for. No ifs, no buts!

“Our ‘Brexit means Brexit’ Prime Minister has let us all down badly and we need a rejuvenated UKIP to start applying some pressure.”

“At a time when the two main parties are led by people who lack the ability to stick to the course the country voted for on Brexit, Britain needs someone with the sort of courage that comes naturally to Henry Bolton and I have a feeling the patriotically-minded voters in this country will like him.

“Indeed, not only did he get my vote, but I am more than prepared to help him. He will need my support.”


A fantastic endorsement for Mr Bolton as well!

Many people were calling for Nigel to return to the frontline of politics and take over UKIP once more, but this will surely be the next best thing.

Once again Farage makes a very good point that is ‘bang on the money’ when it comes to Mrs May.

We have grown sick and tired of our Prime Minister reeling off the line ‘Brexit Means Brexit,’ when the reality of the situation is that it seems to mean anything but!

If the words ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ had any truth to them, our Prime Minister would be taking a hard line with Brussels and just get us out once and for all once the two-year Article 50 period elapses in March 2019.

This should be the transitional period! Two years for everyone to get their act together is more than enough!

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