NIGEL FARAGE: ‘Today’s the day the impossible dream came true’


NIGEL Farage celebrated the formal beginning of Britain’s EU exit in characteristic style by downing pints of bitter in a Westminster pub.

Nigel Farage was celebrating the beginning of Brexit by drinking in a pub
The former Ukip-leader, widely recognised as one of the leading figures in the leave campaign, toasted the moment as the culmination of his often frustrating quarter of a century at the forefront of the Euro-sceptic movement.

Wearing Union-flag coloured socks and clutching a copy of the Daily Express, the veteran anti-Brussels MEP said: “Today’s the day the impossible dream came true – I’m delighted.”

He added: “It has been a long journey – 25 years I’ve been campaigning for this.

“I guess the honest truth is that for the first 22 to 23 years it was a real minority sport – we were laughed, abused. It was an impossible dream.

“But hey, here we are at 12.30 today, we pass the point of no return. The big story is that after today we are leaving.”

Sounding a note of caution about the forthcoming negotiations, Mr Farage said: “There may be politicians in Europe who are prepared to damage their own workers interests to keep the crumbling Union together.

“We can’t just negotiate in the corridors and smokeless rooms of Brussels.”

He added: “I want us to leave with a sensible free trade deal in place, fully understanding that we are their most important export market in the world.

“I mean, they call us Treasure Island for goodness sake!”

Earlier, the ex-Ukip leader vowed to leave the country if Brexit proved to be a flop.

“If Brexit is a disaster, I will go and live abroad. I will go and live somewhere else…it isn’t going to be a disaster. We’ve just managed to get ourselves in a lifeboat off the Titanic,” he said.

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