NIGHTMARE for Sturgeon – SNP leader set to LOSE 10 seats


Latest polls suggest that the Tories are set to take a handful of SNP seats in a massive blow against Sturgeon’s independence dreams

A poll carried out by IG Index shows that the SNP are set to lose 10 seats with the Scottish Tories trailing closely behind.

The poll also indicates the Tories will win 378, Labour will get 148 and the Lib Dems will get 14.

Speaking in Perth, Nicola Sturgeon said if the SNP wins the most seats then “continued Tory attempts” to block an independence referendum would be “democratically unsustainable”.

Asked if losing seats would weaken her case, Ms Sturgeon said: “Maybe I’m old fashioned. But the party that gets the most votes and more seats than any other wins the election. That’s democracy.”

According to the Express, if the Conservatives could win 12 Scottish constituencies on June 8, that would be the party’s best result in a Westminster election north of the border for more than three decades.

It is, of course, a common practice now to take polling results with a pinch of salt. This upcoming general election can go one way or another and the Conservatives know it.

Frighteningly so do Labour.

A recent YouGov poll for The Times shows the Conservatives losing their majority and the Labour party gaining strength, increasing fears of a potential hung parliament and coalition of chaos between Labour, the Scottish National Party, Green Party and Liberal Democrats.

The YouGov shows that UKIP is set to lose their one and only seat.

However, Mr Faragae proved that you do not need to be a member of parliament to change politics in this country.