Nine Eritrean children and one adult found in lorry at M25 service station


Nine Eritrean children and one adult have been discovered hiding in a lorry at Cobham Services in the M25 motorway.

According to reports in the media, the driver of the lorry called 999, and shortly after police arrived and made the discovery.

The nine children have been taken into care by Surrey County Council, while the accompanying adult has entered the regular process for illegal immigrants that are discovered.

A report in Metro says:

Nine Eritrean boys have been found in the back of a lorry at a motorway service station.

The driver rang police from the M25 Cobham Services and officers found the children, along with one adult, when they opened the rear doors.

They were taken into care by Surrey County Council and the adult was taken to an immigration facility.

According to the Mail Online the lorry had a foreign number plate and the boys looked ‘quite young’.

A lorry driver told the newspaper that around four police cars arrived within ten minutes of officers finding the children on October 13.

This case will surely raise questions about the level of security that it is in place at our ports of entry to the United Kingdom – especially at the precise point where this lorry was able to pass without these individuals being discovered.

Surrey County Council have also said in the past that they are in desperate need of extra funding to deal with children who essentially arrive in the United Kingdom unaccompanied, and cases like this will only add pressure to their overstretched budget.

Eight suspected ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS found in a lorry in Kent

Police in Kent have confirmed that eight suspected illegal immigrants have been found in a lorry in the town of Sittingbourne.

It is thought that they had been inside for THREE DAYS before police discovered them.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at 7.24pm on Wednesday 9th August 2017 following the discovery of suspected migrants in a lorry in Spade Lane, Sittingbourn e.

“Officers attended and eight men were handed over to the Home Office immigration enforcement facility in Dover.”

According to a report on Kent Live, ambulance crews also attended the scene, although the condition of the people that were found currently remains unclear.

With so many ports and the Channel Tunnel being in the county of Kent, this sort of discovery isn’t surprising, although it is alarming to see that it is still going on.

On the one hand, we are being told that Cross Channel terminals have been fitted with a variety of sophistic detection equipment including thermal imaging scanners, and yet at the same time there are still regular stories in the press about this kind of discovery.

To matters even more worrying, you have to wonder about all of the cases that go undetected by the authorities.

A tweet from the local police account @kentspecials read:

This case also says a lot about the attitude of the people who are responsible for trafficking human beings into the United Kingdom.

If they are prepared to let them stay locked up in a vehicle for three days or more, it’s clear that they are purely motivated by greed and don’t care about the people who buy their people smuggling services.

Picture: Joe Giddens/PA Wire