NO WAY! UK Government responds to petition to stop President Trump’s state visit


10 Downing St has rejected calls to stop President Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK.

It comes after the row over President Trump’s executive order to temporarily halt refugees from war-torn areas of the world entering the United States. It has been a catalyst for protests planned across the UK, and an online petition which recently surpassed 1 million signatures. However, concerns have been raised that the petition could be the victim of fraudulent signatures, a similar tactic used by remain voters after the EU referendum.

The petition states that a Trump visit would ’cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.’

Theresa May initially failed to condemn the policy – which sees individuals travelling from one of seven mainly Muslim countries banned from entering the US. It should be noted however, that not one of the top 5 biggest Muslim countries are on Donald Trump’s ‘temporarily blocked’ list, a list inherited from the Obama administration.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Mrs May would be “failing the British people” if she does not cancel Trump’s planned state visit. Surely such an action would definitely damage the US-UK ‘special relationship.’

What do you think about the petition? Is it possible that a significant proportion of the 1m+ signatures are fraudulent in some way? Let us know on




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