Opinion poll shows that second EU referendum would have EXACTLY the same outcome


Unless you have spent the last 24 hours on the Moon, you would have heard that Nigel Farage made comments on Channel 5 indicating that there is a possibility of there being a second referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union.

According to the ex-UKIP leader, this will put the question beyond all reasonable doubt after the sheer number of accusations of the last vote being ‘skewed by lies’ or flawed in some other way.

Within nanoseconds of the comments spreading through the mainstream media like wildfire, there were Remoaners literally dancing in the street all over the country.

‘This is the beginning of the end,’ ‘Nigel has flipped’ and ‘Brexit is finished’ were heard in all four corners in the land, with the dull tones of Ode To Joy audible in the background – however there is one small problem that might make them put the champagne on ice.

An opinion poll that was conducted in the aftermath of the comments has revealed that the result would be pretty much the same as the referendum in 2016.

Viribus News set up a Facebook live poll to ask the same simple question that was posed more than a year ago, and the percentage of people who said ‘Leave’ might ring a bell.

That’s right, you guessed it, 52%.

We’ve just run this number past the boys and girls in the lab, and after hours of tests we can exclusively reveal that this is officially a MAJORITY.

Here are the numbers in more detail:

The live poll was run for 4 hours and attracted an audience of 89,348 unique viewers, with 9,512 taking part directly in the vote. The results came in nearly identical to the voting percentages seen in the official EU referendum in June 2016; 4,925 voted leave (52%), 4,482 voted remain (47%) and 104 were undecided (1%).

Looking at the Facebook poll in more detail, it was shared more than 1,400 times, which would go some way towards squashing any allegations that it took place in some sort of ‘Leave’ echo chamber.

If this were the case, the number would be a darn sight higher than 52%!

Let’s be clear about this – Nigel knows EXACTLY what he is doing.

He has just been to Brussels for a meeting with bigwig Michel Barnier, and something from that exchange has clearly pushed his way of thinking towards considering a second referendum.

People have already said that there must be something fishy going on, and we’re inclined to agree!

What on Earth could have prompted him to come out with something so controversial and against the democratic process?

Bearing in mind that the EU has a track record of ignoring referendums (albeit on smaller issues than the outright withdrawal of a member nation), perhaps it is time to seriously consider a repeat vote.

All we have to ensure is that we don’t let Project Fear gain any further traction in the event of a repeat referendum, as members of this disgraced movement are already rubbing their hands together with glee.

For all of their whining about ‘that bus’ and so on, the fact remains that their campaign of lies and scandalous ‘what if’ scenarios was far more laughable than they will ever admit.