Our petition for MPs who voted against EU Withdrawal Bill to RESIGN hits 3,000 supporters


Our petition for all MPs who voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill on Monday to resign has now hit more than 3000 supporters in 24 hours – it is continuing to grow all the time.

When we launched the petition, we made it perfectly clear that as far as we were concerned, the ‘betrayal of the will of the people’ was made even worse when no-voting MPs represent a constituency where the majority of people voted Leave.

While the majority of those MPs voting against the bill would have just been following party orders, a handful of Labour MPs decided to go against Jeremy Corbyn’s wishes including Dennis Skinner and Kate Hoey.

This shows that there are at least a few opposition MPs out there with something resembling a conscience!

You can READ, SIGN AND SHARE our petition here – it also includes a list of every MP who voted against the bill on Monday.

Although the petition has been hosted on change.org, as opposed to the government’s own official petition website, the site is a very effective way of making a huge number of people aware of an important political issue.

You may be sitting there and thinking that the petition is ‘pointless’ as it is very unlikely that MPs would resign ‘en masse’ over this issue, but we have one simple response to this.

A petition of this nature can also act as an expression of outrage or dissatisfaction.

Regardless of whether or not this could actually happen, the point that is perfectly clear is that there are already more than 3,000 people who are as angry about this as we are.


There are now reams and reams of names, and this proves that there is a real demand in this country for the government to just get on with Brexit and stop all of the ifs, buts and maybes that threaten to delay the process.

When the nation voted to Leave the European Union, we were handing the government a mandate to do exactly that – the wording of the booklet that was sent to every UK household made it obvious that ‘Brexit means Brexit.’

We know that this phrase is getting a bit cliché now, but the sooner that the people and politicians realise this simple thing, the sooner we can embrace Brexit and look forward to a brighter future.

Let us know what you think at info@yourbrexit.co.uk – we are always interested to hear your views and you may even get featured in your own blog post, whether or not you are passionate about Brexit.