OUTRAGE as primary school considers serving ONLY ‘Halal Meat’ to students


A primary school in Croydon has angered parents after proposing to switch to ‘Halal meat’ only for school dinners.

The school gave parents a whether they would like to see Halal-only meat served at the school.

The site says: “Parents of children attending Wolsey Step Academy School in New Addington Croydon were today handed a slip of paper asking to choose if they would like to see the menu go over to Halal.

“The simple tick yes or no slip did not provide any explanation inform parents where to go if they object.

“This has angered some parents and caused discussions on social media.”

Halal meat is prepared strictly to Islamic law, whereby an animal’s throat is cut, leading it to bleed to death while a Muslim butcher recites prayers.

Ashtaq Arain, a member of the Muslim Association of Croydon, told local press: “In a community like Croydon where you have a large representation of Muslim children going to primary school, there should be an option given for the kids who are Muslims.

“Quite honestly I don’t see why the school should put out that letter to the parents. They should be able to offer a selection of halal foods without this controversy.

“It is pretty common now, in all schools around the country and not only in Croydon, that halal meat is offered and it is can be eaten by those who want it.”

One parent said:

“I would agree to both halal and non-halal being served so there is an option for the children. Unfortunately, this is not an option on the newsletter.

“I think I’d feel angry that the option was taken away as I don’t feel that it’s fair that the children do not have a choice.”

There should definitely be a choice between Halal and non-halal meat.

I’m shocked this is even up for discussion.