OUTRAGE as EU attempts to BRIBE Northern Ireland to leave the UK


In a shameless attempt to break up the United Kingdom, the European Union has attempted to bribe Northern Ireland to break away from the UK and automatically re-join the EU.

Dublin is expected to ask the bloc’s 27 leaders to endorse the idea when they gather in Brussels on Saturday – without Britain – to adopt the EU’s guidelines for exit negotiations, according to multiple reports.

“We expect Ireland to ask on Saturday for a statement to be added to the minutes of the European Council, which states that in case of a unification of the island in accordance with the Good Friday Agreement, the united Ireland would be a member of the EU,” an EU Council source told the AFP news agency.

“We do not expect a change of the guidelines themselves, but only a statement to the minutes” of the meeting, they added, on condition of anonymity.

Under the good Friday agreement, a referendum would have to be put to both sides to accept a unification of Ireland.

They added: “The EU does of course not take a stance on the possibility of a united Ireland.” Imagine when they said this there was a struggle to maintain a straight face in light of the blatant lie.

“Should this question arise, it would be for the peoples of Ireland and Northern Ireland to decide in accordance with the Good Friday Agreement.”

It seems the European Union still has hard feelings other the UK voting to leave, however, there divide and conquer attitude will not get them far.

The Northern Irish people voted 44.2% to leave the bloc and 55.8% to stay.