A vicious fight broke out in County Durham earlier today as UKIP set off on their campaign trail, fuelled by flared Brexit tensions.

Two women were spotted fighting in Hartlepool before UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall, headed out to start his efforts to win votes.

Witnesses said one was a UKIP supporter and one was a Remainer, however UKIP and a Remain campaign group have both denied these claims.

As the fight escalated, one of the women was seen grabbing the other woman’s jumper before the duo fell to the ground on the street, shocking others around them.

The images below show the events that followed.

Tensions are high over the upcoming general election and the start of Brexit negotiations which are planned to last two years.

Footage taken at the scene shows one of the women saying: ‘There was no need for that, none whatsoever.’ Look at what you’ve done! I’m 62 years old.’

One witness asked the woman: ‘Then why are you punching her?’ The woman responded: ‘I didn’t punch her, she attacked me.’

A spokesperson for Cleveland Police confirmed to the MailOnline officers attended the scene.

The police said ‘We were called to an incident today but we weren’t aware that UKIP was going to be there.’

A spokesperson for UKIP said: “One woman was a local resident and one was a hard left activist who was disrupting things. They are absolutely nothing to do with us.”

This may be just one of many examples of the left showing their true violent colours.

Recent events but on a much larger scale broke out in America on Patriots Day between Antifa and Trump supporters.

Video footage can be seen below: