OUTRAGE as sick ISIS militants celebrate devastating Grenfell Tower fire online


Sick ISIS militants have posted a chilling image showing the devastating Grenfell Tower fire in West London and using it to celebrate the awful fire that has officially killed 79 people so far.

The disgusting image was found by the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), and it describes the tragedy as ‘beautiful.’

We are not going to publish the image and give it any further ‘oxygen of publicity,’ but it can be seen in other mainstream media outlets, including The Sun.

With the image, there was the caption: “How beautiful the fire that consumes the buildings of the criminal Britons and christians.”

It is well worth bearing in mind that a number of the people who perished were Muslims – a fact that ISIS simply doesn’t care about.

They have made it clear in the past that as far as they are concerned, Muslims that do not follow their twisted form of Islam are just as bad as non-Muslims.

We just hope that the friends and families of those who died in the fire are not caused any further grief by this image.

Because ISIS has an incredibly well-organised online operation, particularly on Twitter where authorities have sometimes found it tricky to close down ISIS-affiliated accounts, they have often been quick to not only claim responsibility but also gloat after recent terror attacks and tragedies in Britain.

We can only hope that the ongoing offensives against them in ISIS-occupied territories translates into more success in the online crackdown as well.

According to a report in The Sun: It has been reported that ISIS commanders have been killed after one of the group’s suicide bombers blew himself up at a meeting following the terrorists’ collapse in Mosul.

If this is true, it is an encouraging sign that the organisation is starting to collapse from within.