Owen Jones attempts to get Andrew Neil SACKED from the BBC


Owen Jones has called for the BBC to ‘explain’ Andrew Neil and for him to be ‘freed’.

Left-wing ‘journalist’ Owen Jones has demanded that the BBC explains the employment of Andrew Neil, who he believes to be biased towards the right.

Jones declared in a piece written in the Guardian that “Neil is a formidable political interviewer in many ways: forensic, unrelenting, quick-witted, sardonic. But consider the background of this former Conservative party researcher.”

Jones continued to say: “Neil’s Twitter account – which has hundreds of thousands of followers thanks to his BBC gig – is routinely used to promote rightwing causes. He uses this platform to denounce the scientific consensus on climate change, reviling what he calls “the climate mafia” and claiming that deviation from the consensus meant “the witch-finders want to burn you”.”

The article written by Mr Jones has been endorsed by Chris Williamson who was described as a ‘useful idiot’ by the Russian government.

It certainly is worrying that Owen Jones is calling for fellow journalists to be freed from their employer just because they disagree with their political views.

Owen Jones and Andrew Neil do not have the best history, as you can see from the video clip below.

Mr Jones, surely you know that Neil is supposed to question your claims when appearing on his show? There’s no point whinging if you can’t defend your own comments. Pathetic.

Brexiteer STORMS OFF BBC Daily Politics as Owen Jones slams Brexit

John Whittingdale stormed out of the Daily Politics show on the BBC as Owen Jones says Brexit is in ‘serious trouble’.

Jones told BBC’s Daily Politics: “There is a question of honesty there…”

It was at this point John Whittingdale appears to take his mic off and leave the Daily Politics studio.

Jones continues: “In the case of David Davis, he’s seemed to imply or suggest clearly there are detailed assessments.

“I have to say, if they can fit in two lever arch files then I think we’re in very serious trouble.”

BC Daily Politics tweeted: “It seems some guests just can’t wait to get out of the #bbcdp studio.

“John Whittingdale takes off his mic and is off.”

I think Mr Whittingdale did the right thing.

Who would want to listen to Owen Jones down talk Brexit?

Would you?