Passenger THROWN OFF London bus for wearing anti-Brexit sticker


A member of the public in London has been allegedly THROWN OFF a bus for wearing an anti-Brexit sticker.

According to an image that has been circulating online with the name blanked out, it would appear that a passenger boarded a bus in the Capital wearing a sticker saying ‘Bollocks to Brexit. It’s not a done deal.’

It was accompanied by a caption that read: ‘Just been denied entry to a London bus until I remove this ‘unpatriotic’ sticker. Is it #tfl policy to police customer’s (sic) opinions?’


This is an interesting development if the story is genuine!

After all, the Mayor of London (and therefore the ‘boss’ of all things transport) is Sadiq Khan – one of the United Kingdom’s most high profile anti-Brexit politicians.

His Remaining after the referendum in June 2016 even spawned a petition for London to ‘declare independence’ and Remain in the European Union!

In this situation, it would appear that one of three things has happened:

1 – The bus driver was a Brexiteer and got annoyed at the sticker.

2 – There is some sort of ‘blanket ban’ on political clothing and accessories of this nature on public transport (probably not likely).

3 – The driver of the bus took exception to the swearing on the sticker.

Saying all of this, the poster’s use of ‘unpatriotic’ gives the impression that the bus driver has used the same term when blocking their access to the vehicle – so who knows?

This incident really does seem to be a bit of a mystery!

We are very openly pro-Brexit on here, but at the same time we don’t agree with people being thrown off buses for wearing this sort of sticker.

If anything, he or she should have been allowed onto the bus – fellow passengers could have then taken the time to explain why it is very much a ‘done deal!’

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