Petition to ABOLISH HOUSE OF LORDS soars to 60,000 signatures OVERNIGHT


An official petition on the government’s website asking for the House of Lords to be ABOLISHED and replaced with an elected body has soared to 60,000 signatures overnight.

Support for the petition exploded shortly after peers in the House of Lords voted to send the Brexit Bill back to the House of Commons on Wednesday evening. Have a look at the petition here

As the nation got ready for bed on Wednesday, the petition had around 40,000 supporters, but Britain woke up to see that the petition’s signature count had grown by a stunning 50%!

The government has already issued a response due to the popularity of the petition, saying that reforming the House of Lords is not a priority for this government.

However, it is now virtually certain that the petition will reach 100,000 – this is the point where the government is obliged to discuss the proposal in Parliament to some extent.

Although the campaign was started some time ago, recent activities in the House of Lords have pushed thousands of people to put their name down and get behind the cause.

The funniest thing about all of this is that the more that the Lords try to frustrate Brexit, the more that people will sign this petition. Potentially, Peers are signing their own ‘death warrant’ as a massive uprising of support for their demise will surely push the government into action on the matter.

There have been calls to remove the unelected House of Lords for a number of years anyway. This latest fiasco over Brexit could be the final straw.

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