Petition to BLOCK Donald Trump’s state visit hits more than 500k


During Theresa May’s historic visit to Washington DC to meet Donald J. Trump, the new President of the USA, it was announced that Trump would be welcomed to the United Kingdom at a later date in 2017 for an official state visit.

This news was met with outrage throughout the UK, with a petition to try and block this visit breaking the 500,000 signature barrier within 24 hours.

Our sister Facebook page I Support UKIP has set up a petition to try and ensure that the people who want to welcome Trump to the UK have their voices heard, and we would encourage you to sign it here.

It reads as follows:

In spite of all of the faults of the democratic election process in the USA (and indeed of other similar systems all over the world), it cannot be denied that Donald J Trump was elected fairly within this constitutional process. Therefore, blocking this state visit sends out an incredibly dangerous message that the people of the United Kingdom are not prepared to recognise this form of democracy.

The USA is an incredibly powerful global superpower, and many people feel that our ‘special relationship’ is hanging by its thinnest ever thread. Should we really be snapping this final cotton?

There is nothing wrong with taking to the streets and protesting once Donald Trump arrives in the UK – once again this is a democratic right. By blocking his visit to this great nation, the people who are so keen to protest will be robbed of their chance to air their concerns in person.

I know that you will all just cry ‘typical Ukipper,’ or ‘fascist’ or whatever, but there are still many, many British citizens who want to welcome Mr Trump to these shores and it is VITAL for their voice to be heard!




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