Petition to SACK anti-Brexit Chancellor Hammond hits 20K, creator thanks YOUR BREXIT readers


The petition to SACK the anti-brexit Chancellor Of The Exchequer Philip Hammond has reached an amazing 20,000 signatures, and the creator has personally thanked Your Brexit readers for lending their support!

Don’t forget that the petition is still online and growing nicely here – please sign it and continue to share it around as much as you can!

Like many, many other people, we feel that Hammond is merely a Remoaner who is trying to derail Brexit by stealth, with his underhand tactics including supporting the delaying of new immigration controls until an eye-watering 2022.

The petition’s creator Henry Zarb posted a heartfelt thanks to everyone who signed, and he also took the time to extend his special gratitude to readers of Your Brexit for their support.

We should thank you all as well – your continued readership keeps Your Brexit writers motivated to keep bringing you the latest news.

Zarb said: This is fantastic!

When I started this petition, I never imagined it would get so much traction so quickly.

It’s been featured today on Facebook by Leave.EU and Your Brexit groups, and since then the signing rate has absolutely rocketed. I estimated something like 50 signatures a minute at one point today as I refreshed the web page.

My aim is to deliver it to No. 10 when the Prime Minister returns from her holiday on 14th August, and I’d like it to be absolutely massive by then.

We can do it. We can influence the course of British politics and Brexit!
And to those, and they are many, who tell me that Mrs. May is too politically weak to sack her Chancellor, I say this petition can only strengthen her hand as she will be able to point to huge public support for her to take this course of action.

Finally, I keep thanking you all, but I know I can never thank you enough. Special thanks again also to all of you who have actually contributed money to make this petition grow.

Please keep sharing!


Henry Zarb.