PM could WALK AWAY from Brexit negations if serious talks on trade haven’t started by Christmas 2017


An open letter by ‘leave means leave’ signed by a variety of Pro-Brexit MPs and business leaders are mounting pressure on the government to walk away from the negotiations if trade talks have yet to start by Christmas this year

Senior Tory MPs and business figures yesterday wrote to Mrs May urging her to quit the Brussels negotiations by the end of December if EU negotiators refuse to start discussing trade.

“If the EU is not seriously negotiating a free trade deal by Christmas 2017, the Government should give formal notice that we will move to World Trade Organisation rules in March 2019,” their letter said.

The letter was organised by Leave Means Leave, a pressure group campaigning for a full break with Brussels backed by around 50 Tory MPs.

Signatories to the letter included former ministers Owen Paterson and David Jones, senior Tory MP Peter Bone, Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman and business leaders Richard Tice and John Longworth.

This is the largest attack on the Prime Minister and government negotiating position so far and I expect it will only get bigger.

The letter continued:

“The proposal merely to register EU migrants during the transition period does not provide control over migration.

“Given the significant level of public concern over this issue, Leave voters will wish to see real change as quickly as possible after the UK leaves the EU, and not a delay for at least five years after the vote,”

“This could result in an indefinite delay to a proper Brexit. There is no incentive for the EU to accelerate a free trade deal, unless they really believe we would move to World Trade Organisation rules,”

Here’s hoping trade talks have yet to start by Christmas!

The sooner we get OUT the better!