Police fear a SECOND bomb made by Manchester Arena suicide attacker is in the hands of his accomplices


Police suspect a second bomb potentially made by the Manchester bomber is in the hands of his accomplices

Based on the sheer volume of materials and equipment found at the bombers property, police fear a second bomb may have already been made and passed onto the attacker’s accomplices.

Armed police have been and will continue conducting armed raids up and down the entire country in an attempt to smash the Jihadi network.

Reports show that the SAS are also embedded with the Police force.

There are also fears that the attacker could have been given the bomb, which means the bomb maker could have already fled the country.

Hospitals have been warned to brace themselves for any attack committed over the bank holiday weekend.

Theresa May warns another attack is imminent. This comes after the government raised the threat level from severe to critical.

To summarise the most recent developments:

  • It emerged that Theresa May will today urge world leaders to crack down on social media giants that refuse to co-operate on terror
  • A Libyan anti-terror official said bomber Salman Adebi phoned his nuclear scientist mother hours before his deadly attack and said ‘forgive me’
  • An NHS chief wrote to 27 major trauma teams across the country urging them to prepare for a possible terror attack over the weekend
  • The parents of 15-year-old Laura MacIntyre revealed their daughter is still fighting for her life following Monday’s attack, hours after it was confirmed her best friend Eilidh MacLeod was among those killed
  • Britain announced it would resume information sharing with US intelligence service following the fallout over details of the investigation being leaked to the US media