Police hate crime reporting website has every religion EXCEPT CHRISTIANITY


A number of Facebook users today have noticed that an online form that is available on the Cambridgeshire Police website for reporting hate crime has every major religion listed except Christianity.

While it is commendable to see such a facility available for anyone to report what can be a horrific and traumatic hate crime experience, we feel that it should include what is supposedly the main religion of the United Kingdom.

The site is available here for people to use if they wish to report hate crime.

As you will see in the video below, under victim details there is the facility to state ‘Other,’ but surely anyone who has suffered anti-Christian hate crime (a crime that is just as abhorrent as any other hate crime) should be presented with the option outright.

We hope that this is merely an oversight on their part.

With ‘Rastafarian’ listed in there amongst others, surely the list in its current form gives a terrible impression about the equality of faith groups in the United Kingdom.

It goes without saying that reports of anti-Christian hate crime are far lower than reports of anti-Muslim or anti-Judaism offences in the United Kingdom, but at the same time the police have a duty to present this sort of facility in a way that promotes religious equality.

We should also say that we are not knocking the work that all police forces are doing to try and tackle hate crime in these times of heightened tensions.

We are merely saying that this particular website’s design could be changed to reflect the fact that anti-Christian sentiments are just as severe as any other religiously-motivated hatred.