Politician reveals that Brexit will trigger fierce infighting that could DESTROY THE EU


A politician has revealed that Brexit could just be the beginning of the EU’s troubles as our departure could cause fierce infighting that would tear the European Union apart.

According to the ex-UKIP MEP Stephen Woolfe, a ‘power struggle’ could develop to try and fill the gap that is vacated by the United Kingdom, with as many as four different rival factions looking to capitalise on the situation.

Sounds good to us. We get out of the corrupt club and everyone left behind comes together to destroy themselves.

According to The Express:

In a wide-ranging interview with express.co.uk in Brussels, Mr Woolfe revealed there are now many within the EU Parliament who would be “happier for Britain not to come back” to the bloc at all. 

Whilst some Remainers in the British establishment have been accused of trying to overturn the referendum result, he said many MEPs now want to see the UK carry through with Brexit as quickly as possible. 

He said: “Some people are beginning in Europe to look at a different future post-Brexit and as a consequence of that some of them are going to be happier for us not to come back because their own ambitions would be thwarted.” 

The first faction is made up of what Mr Woolfe described as the EU “federalists”, who want to exploit Brexit as the opportunity to finally fulfil their dream of an EU superstate. 

This group, led by the enigmatic liberal chief Guy Verhofstadt, has been buoyed recently by the election of French president Emmanuel Macron and a deeply integrationist approach from the Commission. 

Mr Verhofstadt is pressing hard for the 73 parliament seats currently occupied by British MEPs to be redistributed by way of pan-EU lists, meaning voters would elect European rather than national MEPs for the first time in 2019.

Mr Woolfe said the former Belgian prime minister, who is the Parliament’s Brexit coordinator, wants “to really push on once Britain’s gone and have this United States of Europe”. 

You can read the rest of Woolfe’s predictions in the report above.

It remains to be seen whether or not these divisions would have been created with a Remain vote in 2016, but it is clear that many Brexiteers would have recognised the potential for this sort of conflict further down the line.

How the hell could the whole outfit ‘reform itself’ if there are so many different factions pulling in various directions?