Poll reveals Remainers and Leavers are UNITING BEHIND HARD BREXIT


A comprehensive poll of 20,000 British people has revealed that a majority of both Remain voters and Leave voters are now UNITING behind the principles of a HARD BREXIT.

Let’s just allow that to sink in for a minute. Finally, if this poll is to be believed, the people of Britain across the board are realising that the referendum is over and done with and final.

Right-minded Brits are now realising that the only way forward is to get Brexit over and done with, in the form of a clean break that will put the country in the best possible position to look forward to a bright and prosperous future outside of the European Union.

As reported by Buzzfeed, it now seems that the majority of people are against any features of Brexit that would result in a ‘Soft Brexit’ – this includes compromises on free movement and membership of the Single Market.

By ‘majority,’ we’re not talking about 51.9% percent either – there are some far bigger numbers in play here!

The most basic statistic from the study carried out by the London School of Economics and Oxford University is that 68% would go for a ‘hard’ instead of a ‘soft’ Brexit.

More importantly, the study was carried out in a way so that there was a fair mixture of Remain and Leave voters.

88% of people also favoured a free trade arrangement with the EU after Brexit, which doesn’t exactly tie in with the constant Remoaner argument that we cannot ‘have our cake and eat it.’

Clearly the British people have faith in our team of negotiators in Brussels.

On the flip side, 67% would prefer a ‘no deal’ Brexit to a ‘soft’ Brexit, and again this is a sign of confidence in the power of Britain to survive ‘all on its own’ in the Big Bad World after Brexit!

We would recommend heading over to Buzzfeed using the link above and taking a long hard look through the various graphs and results of the study – fascinating reading all round …

What will be even more fascinating will be watching how the die-hard Remoaner brigade manages to twist these results into the ‘Brexit must be stopped’ argument.

Grab the popcorn.