Poll shows ALL BRITISH CHILDREN should sing the national anthem at school


There have been growing calls over the last few weeks for British schoolchildren to sing the national anthem God Save The Queen on a regular basis, with the main reason being that it would boost the sense of British pride in all age groups.

A Facebook poll that has been carried out seems to support this idea overwhelmingly, and it shows that there is a real appetite for this song to be incorporated into the National Curriculum.

A vote on the Conservative Progress Facebook page showed an overwhelming level of support for the idea, with more than 400 out of the 422 participants in favour.

Before anyone pipes up with the predictable ‘but it’s a Conservative page’ or ‘it’s a small selection of people’ argument, there are a couple of things to remember here.

First of all, the proportion of those who support the idea speaks volumes, even with the relatively low participation, and more importantly it seems that left-wing activist attempts to hijack the poll have simply not happened.

The usual form for these online polls is for one snowflake opponent to ‘summon the masses’ and try to ruin the poll – so where is it on this occasion?

We’ve all seen the posts before: ‘Hey this is something that I don’t agree with. Why don’t we all go over and vote to show that we don’t agree with it. Share this message with all your friends and we can demonstrate how democracy works. LOL.’

Moving away from these social media fun and games for one moment, it is easy to see why there is so much support for God Save The Queen to take a prominent place in everyday school life.

The British identity has never been more ambiguous, and although there is already provision in the National Curriculum for lessons on ‘Britishness’ or whatever they call it this week, it is clear that a lot more could be done to promote British values.

This is where the whole thing could fall down.

Recent history tells us that the second you try and promote British values in one form or another, someone will feel offended.

One point always gets overlooked when this sort of argument erupts – the fact that campaigners are NOT trying to promote British values to try and ‘squash’ other backgrounds and identities that are present in Britain, far from it.

All we are saying is that British values and indeed other cultural identities need to have an equal prominence in schools.

When you hear people from ALL backgrounds describe their pride in their British heritage, it is a fantastic indictment of why the national anthem needs to be sung in schools at every opportunity.

It’s just a shame that someone will inevitably use the ‘racism’ card if this ever becomes an actual government policy, and it’s actually pretty difficult to see how it could be considered as ‘racist.’

The ‘R’ word is the comeback of choice for those within Britain who want to attack our national identity, and unfortunately it is often these people who manage to shout the loudest and get their own way.