Polls show that Theresa May is FINISHED, with Jacob Rees-Mogg set to lead Britain into Brexit


Opinion polls within the last few days show that not only is Theresa May effectively ‘finished’ as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but also that Jacob-Rees Mogg is the favourite within the Conservative Party to take control of the party and lead Britain into Brexit.

As someone who has repeatedly said that ‘no deal’ would be far better than a ‘bad deal,’ Rees-Mogg could well be exactly what this country needs to pull itself out of the mess that it currently finds itself in.

After all, it has now become perfectly clear that Mrs May is pushing us far closer to a ‘bad deal’ than ever before.

A poll that has been covered on Russia Today shows that 59% of those asked in the British public said that they were ‘dissatisfied’ with Theresa May’s leadership, and in the same poll it is also worth noting that around half still believed that the Conservative Party were the right choice to remain in government.

When combining this with another recent poll of Conservative Party members that stated that Jacob Rees-Mogg was the preferred named choice (the highest total was for ‘none of the above’ out of the list of choices), it has never looked more likely that Jacob Rees-Mogg will ‘step up’ in the near future.

Surely Mrs May’s closest allies in the Cabinet and the wider government are on their verge of losing patience. At what point does it become more practical to say ‘sod it’ and go down the ‘no deal’ route?

It is clear that Jacob Rees-Mogg wouldn’t hesitate to do what is best for Britain, while at the same time we have Theresa May seemingly trying to do a deal at any cost.

REVEALED: Favourite to be next Conservative leader and it’s not who you would expect

The favourite to replace Mrs May has been revealed in a Conservative Home survey.

It’s not Boris Johnson as some would suspect, but backbencher, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The now internet famous MP attracted 18% of the vote, 3% up compared to last time.

Conservative Home reported: 

“The month before, Jacob Rees-Mogg had led the pack for the first time.

He is up from 15 percent to 18 percent. “Other” is down from 23 percent to 22 percent, so small a change as to mean no significant difference. Michael Gove was seven percent last month; he is now on 12 percent, and is the second named candidate, behind Rees-Mogg. That’s worth keeping an eye on.

Note too the gradual decline of David Davis. His ratings since the election have been 24 per cent, 20 per cent, 15 percent, 13 percent, nine percent and now eight percent.”

It does seem like none of the Conservative candidates listed in the survey stand out. The largest vote share was ‘none of the above’.

Not good.

Who would you like to see as Conservative leader?

Campaign to urge Jacob Rees-Mogg to run for Tory leader hits 20,000 signatures

The campaign urging Jacob Rees-Mogg to run for leader of the Conservative party in any future leadership elections has hit 20,000 signatures of support.

In the space of just 4 weeks the campaign has hit a number of impressive milestones with 7,500 Facebook likes, 600 volunteers, a £3,000 crowdfunding campaign and now 20,000 supporters.

The campaign’s co-founder, Sam Frost, said “It’s great that we’ve hit 20,000 signatures in just 4 weeks, no other Conservative politician has this level of support to become leader. We’re building a movement that we can hand over to Jacob in any future leadership election!”

If you support the campaign, you can add your name to the petition here.

They also have a thriving Facebook page here.

We are naturally delighted with the success that they have had so far.

It seems that for every single critic calling Rees-Mogg ‘out of touch’ or ‘old fashioned,’ there is someone who is recognising that he would being a fresh approach to both internal British politics and the Brexit process.

We’re not saying this because he is a well-known Brexiteer – we are saying this because time and time again he appears in the press and on TV as a voice of reason at a time when it is still often considered ‘dirty’ to admit that you voted Leave.

People seem to have a problem with the fact that he is softly-spoken as well. What would you prefer? Some of the screaming chimpanzees that inhabit the House of Commons at the moment?

He is very much in tune with our country’s needs at the time of these vital Brexit negotiations, and in the event that Mrs May calls it a day it would be very difficult to deny that a Britain with Rees-Mogg at the helm would get the best possible deal.